“I met Mary-Ann Roy when I agreed to see a marriage counsellor at my husband’s request after I had advised him I was moving out.“We had been married for over 20 years; our children were grown and self supporting. I was lonely, independent, self-sufficient and had in fact provided the main source of household income for a number of years as my husband farmed.“Slowly over the last 10 years we had seriously grown apart and were on different paths going into our future. We rarely went anywhere together (our interests lead us in opposite directions), we were tied together mainly by our family. We didn’t talk and often our interactions turned into arguments until towards the end not even that, because I just didn’t care.“I knew he still loved me but it didn’t seem to be enough, all I saw was my remaining years of deepening loneliness living with a man whom I felt I couldn’t share my real self, and of my dreams or our impending retirement into the future.“We started seeing her together until I realized that more of the trouble with our marriage was in me rather than in the marriage. I had issues that I would just take to a new relationship if left unresolved. He saw no reason to change as he was pretty much happy with everything in our life and marriage and saw no explanation for my unhappiness.“I continued to see Mary-Ann by myself. She says I have come a long way, all I know is that I feel an inner peace, less loneliness and frustration that I have ever felt and a strong sense of faith in the future and a trust in God to love and take care of me, just as I am. Because of her I have; come to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour; I have established boundaries in my life with regard to my work, my husband and our children; I have an established support system through my new church friends; I am now committed to being submissive to my higher power and less in control of every situation; I pray every day for the husband God has provided and that I may have the strength to respect his decisions even if I don’t agree, and I am far more grateful for the blessings the Lord has provided me.“The Lord works in mysterious ways and I am thankful for my journey for which I discovered my husband, my self, my marriage and most of all, my God.”
S. F.,   Winnipeg, MB